Product Overview

A unique delivery service

Medinexus saves referrers valuable time by bringing everything together (reports, images and PDFs) inside the patient’s record in the referrer's clinical system. It works with HL7 based reports and operates seamlessly within many clinical systems including: Medical Director, Best Practice, Genie, Medtech 32, Shexie, Audit4, CCOS, Medinet, Profile, Total Care and more.

Designed for busy medical professionals and patients

With Medixexus, referrers can access records directly from their clinical system without having to log into a separate system with a separate password.

It also works on devices such as tablets and smartphones so specialists on the go can view reports and images via a web browser and secure mobile apps. And patients can use a mobile device or computer to share their results and images with other healthcare professionals at consultations—helping build a clearer picture of their profile.

A complete view with comprehensive reporting

It's just one click from your referrer's PMS or web portal to get a full DICOM view of the complete CT or MRI study - with the associated tools one expects in a DICOM viewer.

Break glass

Clinicians can also access reports when they’re not the original referrer, as well as forward reports and images to others, as long as they’re a recognised professional/entity in the system. An audit trail provides reassurance.

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Medinexus generates over 10,000 reports/day

Medinexus processes over 120,000 images/day

Medinexus is in use at over 265 sending sites